Navigate the future

With data-driven strategic scenarios.

Strategy in the face of deep uncertainty

Strategic planning in capital intensive industries involves decisions on assets that will last for decades, however, decision making over these time spans is inherently uncertain.

What if you could make sense of what the future might look like? And reduce the bias and the unknowns that make long-term strategic planning so risky, time-consuming and expensive.

Signpost. Navigate the future
Signpost Model

Signpost combines advanced technology and your expertise to “look around the corner” so you can continue to grow even as you navigate a shifting economy, global events and social change that nobody else saw coming.

Evolve to meet challenges on the horizon
Signpost data-driven scenarios

Evolve to meet challenges on the horizon

Imagine not only anticipating future events like new tech trends or regulatory change but being able to determine when these kinds of events are likely to happen.

Signpost delivers probabilistic scenarios to help you

Take control of an uncertain future

Built on data, technology and expert input, we provide a robust platform to build, monitor and evolve your strategy as the world around you changes over time.

Take control of an uncertain future
Signpost Scenarios
Signpost Data

Long-range, data-driven probabilistic scenarios


Combining expert input and statistical learning

Signpost tools

Intuitive tools to support strategy making

Signpost Real Time

Real time platform for testing strategy